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Valeri Bendianishvili

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Ella Lekishvili

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Nariman Pourtalaei

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Mostafa Majid

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Nerses Isajanyan

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Deniz Delioğlu

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Majed Rahim

Majed Rahim

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Bahman Moghimi

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RCO stands for Real Company Biography , this startup with new services has been launched for the first time in the world in Dubai to monitor businesses and help improve quality.

With RCO, your company has obtained all the advantages of a personal professional website in one place and in a compact form with a small investment, and you can easily manage the site.

Registration of complete job information, photo gallery, digital business card, the possibility of posting employment ads, location on the map for customers, posting real estate ads, posting ads for your business event and other great benefits!

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