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Installation guide for RCO badge

Installation sticker at the entrance of the business

Respected members, after confirming the business and displaying the identification badge on their official page, they can download the front design sticker from this page and after printing it on the labeled paper, install it at the entrance of their business.

Note that the QR code for you will be displayed on your business page, just copy the code and replace it in the image.

The attached high-quality A5 size file is in PNG format without QR code.

Attention! Please do not make any changes in the image except for placing your own QR code, you are not allowed to use any other images and designs.

RCO sticker

Badge to be displayed on Your website

If you have registered your website in RCO.BIO it is necessary to put this logo in the footer of your website and link to your own page in RCO.

RCO Badge

					<a href=""><img decoding="async" title="Dubai Company information" alt="Dubai company directory" data-src="" src=""></a>

Instead of XXXX, take your code from the short link address section of ِYour Dedicated business page and enter it.

Warning! Do not upload the photo on your server and website under any circumstances and you are only allowed to use the above code and call the image from the RCO.BIO website.

The logo is copyrighted by Google and if you load it from a server other than the RCO, it is against the rules of the site and your services will be stopped.