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RCO Identification Badge

REAL COMPANY BIO .LTD Helpline has received cooperation and specialized advice from real and legal experts, specialized companies and various organizations, including quality management system implementation consulting companies, partner CBs under the accreditation of IAF and CBV, consulting and system establishment. Isomer’s quality management system, and the implementation of various checklists, internally evaluates all its members with various criteria and awards the relevant badge to the businesses that succeed in achieving the corresponding score.

What badges can be obtained from RCO.BIO?

All real and legal businesses active in the United Arab Emirates can register their detailed information in RCO and obtain an identification badge. RCO’s identification badge has five stars, and those who are interested can get up to five stars by completing their information. Also, RCO BIO has the signs of identity, security, credibility, vision, and reputation to give to businesses in its executive program.

RCO Badge

  • Upon initial membership and completing the requested information, you will receive the RCO identification badge without stars.
  • You can install this badge along with your special QR code in your business or website.
  • The identification badge can be upgraded from one star to five stars.
  • Along with the 2nd to 5th stars, you will also get the corresponding second sign, which is discussed below.