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How to Register Company:

The UAE government introduced company registration services in Dubai with 100% foreign ownership to start a business. You can start the process of registering your company in the mainland of Dubai today by registering your online application at RCO.BIO

Starting a business in Dubai

Starting a business normally involves a series of steps, including:
1- Determining the subject of the company's activity in Dubai
2- Choosing the right legal form
3- Registering the company name
4- Request for initial approval
5- Preparing the draft of the memorandum of understanding of the association and the local service agency contract
6- Select the place of business
7- Obtaining additional government licenses
8- Submission of documents and payment of fees

Select the subject of activity for Dubai company registration

Commercial activity is the basis for choosing the legal form and type of license, whether it is commercial, industrial or professional, etc. There are six types of licenses. They are: industrial, commercial, professional, tourism, agricultural and occupational.

An investment/business can have more than one business activity.
There are over 2,000 business activities to choose from in the UAE.

Choose the legal form to register a company in Dubai

The legal form depends mainly on business requirements. Also, the legal form is the basis for identifying applicable laws and regulations. In the United Arab Emirates, the investor can choose one of these legal forms:

General partnership
Limited partnership
Limited liability company (LLC) Limited liability company (LLC)
Public joint stock company (PJSC)
Private joint stock company (PrJSC)
Civil company
Local company branch
GCC company branch
Foreign company branch
Free zone company branch
Sole establishment
Holding companies

The legal form of the business must correspond to the business activity.

Registration of the company's trade name in Dubai

A company's brand name distinguishes one business from another. It also reflects the nature and form of the business. An investor can choose and reserve his brand name through registration.

Conditions for choosing the brand name of Dubai

The brand must:
1- Look for the abbreviation of the business structure (legal form of the company) such as: LLC, EST, PJSC, PrJSC
2- Do not violate public morality or public order of the country
3- It should be compatible with the type of activity required and the legal status of the company or business unit
4- It should not contain the name of any religion, or ruling authority, or the name or emblem of any foreign institution
5- They have not registered before

During the application process through the register, you will be issued a payment voucher or a transaction number, which you should use as a reference when paying.

The local economic development office registers the brand name, while the Ministry of Economy registers the trademark.
The trademark certificate can be renewed.

Initial confirmation of company registration in Dubai

Initial approval means that the UAE government has no objection to establishing your business in the country. It also allows the investor to carry out the next steps of starting a business. However, it does not grant the authority to operate or carry out commercial activities.

Foreign investors must obtain the approval of the General Directorate of Residence and Affairs of Foreign Nationals before obtaining the initial approval. which registry will do for you.

Some activities require additional approvals from government agencies related to that particular business before applying for initial approval. These include activities related to legal affairs, security affairs and securities and financial products.
Memorandum of association and local service representative agreement of MOA and LSA

Depending on the legal form of a business, a completed and signed Memorandum of Association (MoA) or a Local Service Agency Agreement (LSA) of the business is required. A memorandum of association is required for the following legal forms of business:
Limited partnership
Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Joint Stock Company (Public Stock)
Private Joint Stock Company (PrJSC).

Law firms, courts and notaries located in the United Arab Emirates prepare and certify documents and agreements.
Businesses wholly owned by non-GCC residents require a UAE Local Service Representative. The appointment of the local service agent will be based on an agreement approved by the notary or the court.

Select the business location for the Dubai company

All businesses in the UAE must have a physical address to operate. The location and location of the business must comply with the requirements defined by the relevant UAE Economic Development Department as well as the land planning regulations of the local municipalities.

Office and warehouse lease agreement must be submitted. Some locations require approval of contracts. In Dubai, the contract must be registered at a place called Ijari.

Obtaining government licenses to register the company in Dubai

In some cases, special activities are required by government agencies on specific business cases. Examples of such activities classified by the ministry include:

Ministry of Interior
The Ministry of Interior issues licenses for activities related to public transportation - driving schools, firefighting equipment, alarm and safety systems, used car dealers, used car parts, car rental.

Ministry of Justice
Legal activities and legal advice

Local municipal department
Architectural and engineering affairs

Communications and Digital Regulatory Authority (TDRA)
Telecommunication activities

Executive Council
Travel and tourism, public services, commercial charter, shipping and maritime agencies, car clubs, charter air transport and foreign branches.

Ministry of Economy
Insurance activities and insurance consulting

Local health departments
Health related activities

Supreme Petroleum Council
Onshore and offshore gas and oil services and onshore and offshore oil drilling operations

Get a business license to register a Dubai company

After completing the above steps, the investor can obtain the business license from the service centers of economic departments.

Documents required to obtain a license for all legal forms of company registration 

The following documents are required to obtain a permit for all legal forms:
1- Initial approval receipt and all previously submitted documents
2- Copy of rental agreement certified by Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in Dubai.
3- Duly attested memorandum of association (for all types of companies).
4- Approvals from other relevant government institutions, if necessary
5- Approved service representative agreement (for institutions and civil companies that are 100% owned by non-GCC nationals), United Arab Emirates, which includes a local service representative.

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