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Sep 22
Spanish Education System

How does the educational system work in Spain? Let’s start with the basics. How does the education system work in Spain and how is it organized? It’s pretty simple. It is structured in different phases or stages, which vary according to the age of the child. Some of these stages are completely free (you don’t need to pay anything) while others are not. Let’s look at each one of them in chronological order: Pre-school education From 0 to 3 years old children can enroll in what is known as early childhood education or preschool.…

Sep 22
What is NIE Number in Spain 0 to 100

The NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) is a tax identification number for foreigners in Spain. It serves as a unique identifier for non-Spanish citizens who need to engage in legal or financial activities within the country. The NIE number is essential for various purposes, including but not limited to: To obtain an NIE number, you typically need to apply at a local police station or foreigner’s office (Oficina de Extranjeros) in Spain. The exact requirements and application process may vary depending on your nationality and the specific circumstances of your…

Sep 17
Living in Spain Costs and FAQ

The Cost of Living in Spain by Person Here is a breakdown of the average cost of living in Spain, without rent, and the average costs in big cities like Madrid, compared to smaller coastal cities like Malaga. Figures are based on data from Numbeo. City Family of four Single Person Madrid €2,579.80 ($2,818.56) €743.10 ($811.87) Malaga €2,246.20 ($2,442.76) €648.4 ($705.14) Valencia €2,300.60 ($2,501.93)  €657.6 ($715.15) In terms of the cost of living compared to other developed countries around the world, here are some examples, excluding rent: Country Family of four…

Jun 02
Multiple intelligence Test Services

يشمل القيام بإجراء الإختبارات التي بموجبها يتم قياس درجات الذكاء لدى الأطفال وذلك عن طريق تحليل البصمة، الأمر الذي سيمكن الآباء من الإلمام بقدرات أطفالهم، كما تتيح هذه التقنية إكتشاف المواهب والإمكانات الكامنة لدى الأطفال مما يمكن من تحديد نوع التعليم المناسب.

Jun 02
Foot Massage Center

يشمل تدليك الأقدام غير العلاجي عبر الضغط على أجزاء معينة من القدم لإعطاء تأثير في أماكن أخرى من الجسم وذلك بهدف المساعدة على تحفيز وتنشيط الدورة الدموية بصورة طبيعية مما يعطي شعورا بالراحة والاسترخاء، فضلا عن منح الأقدام المرونة الكافية التي تقيها من الإصابات.

Jun 02
Special purpose Firm

هي المنشاة التي تؤسس للقيام بعمل معين بما يتوافق مع التشريعات النافذة.